Handstand Foundations Course

Learn the foundational building blocks for a solid handstand. Covering everything you need to know with step by step progressions and the WHY behind each exercise. You’ll leave with a new understanding of handstand training and have all the tools you need to begin your own practice.


The BEST exercises

You'll learn ONLY necessary exercises for learning to handstand, getting you from A to B as efficiently as possible. Each exercise has been carefully selected for the biggest return on your training investment.

Learn the WHY

We will cover the theory behind handstands. What to train, how to train, where things can go wrong. You'll learn the purpose behind each exercise so that you can create a program specific to your body.

Proven Results

Hundreds of students have learned to handstand through this process. All you need to do is follow steps and put in the work.

Build the Foundations

Learn the theory behind handstands, develop necessary strength, and learn to effectively train for a freestanding handstand.

Step by Step Progressions

Learn all of the progressions from complete beginner to a solid freestanding handstand. When you achieve the milestones, you're ready for the next step!

Troubleshooting & Refining your Line

Diving into the details of handstands. you'll learn various cues and drills to help you break through sticking points and create a straight handstand line.

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